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LED vs. Incandescent Trailer Lights

There are many differences between LED Trailer Lights and incandescent trailer lights, including the life expectancy, shock factor, power consumption, and even safety issues.

The incandescent bulbs that were traditionally used for trailers are an actual bulb; however, the LED lamps are called so because they are not a bulb at all and do not use filaments. Filaments have been known to stretch after much use and will weaken, and could even fail, causing both safety and legal issues.

Another major difference between LED and incandescent lights is the ability to absorb vibrations from the road. The LED lamps tend to last longer in this way because they have better shock than bulbs to withstand much more road vibration without dying out. The expected life of the LED light is around one hundred thousand hours, which happens to be about six times as long as a traditional style trailer light bulb. This extra life is not only a money saver, but having the assurance it will last longer means one will feel safer out on the road.

In addition to a longer life, the LED lamp lights consume a significantly less amount of power than an incandescent light would. The amps used during use is only a tenth of what the traditional bulbs use. You may ask, why do I really care if it uses less power than a traditional bulb? The answer is when a light is using less power there is more power being distributed to mother equally important electrical needs.

One of the main reasons people have been switching to LED lamps is the issue of safety. When a brake is applied the LED lights instantly respond and provide a more focused and brighter illumination than the incandescent ones. It only takes a fraction of a second to get to almost full brightness, and this quicker light could be what saves your trailer from getting smashed into by another vehicle.

For these many important reasons, more people have been switching to LED lamps for their trailer lighting needs. It is all a matter of knowing the differences and deciding for yourself if it is worth the switch for you. When it comes to power consumption, longevity, and safety, the better trailer light is the LED lamps.


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